Gateway & Start-up Kits

  • Pool/Spa thermometer and TellStick


    Keep track of the temperature of the pool or spa bath directly through your phone using our smart pool thermometer. Package with Pool/Spa Thermometer and TellStick.

    1399 kr
  • Start kit with TellStick and 2 Smoke Sensors Z-Wave


    Upgrade your smart home with this safety kit! Besides a sounding alarm, the Z-Wave smoke detector can be used to notify you using push notification or SMS through events in Telldus Live! in case of fire. It can also be used as an independent indoor siren which can be integrated and triggered through other events, for example if a door opens when you are not at home.

    2199 kr
  • TellStick and Smart Doorbell


    Invest in your home by making it smarter with the help of our popular doorbell that is finally back in stock! Let the doorbell become a smart tool in everyday life and get notified when someone is at the door, even when you are not around. Get notifications, sms or e-mail when someone rings the doorbell, activate the outdoor lighting – the possibilities are endless!

    1199 kr
  • Start-up Kit Energy Premium Telldus Z-Wave


    Start-up kit with TellStick ZNet Lite v2 and two smart Z-Wave outlets that measure energy consumption for connected lamps and appliances. Support for both Z-Wave and 433MHz. 3 months Premium Access included!

    1599 kr
  • Z-Wave Gateway TellStick ZNet Lite V2


    TellStick ZNet Lite V2 combines the best of two worlds. Full support for both Z-Wave and 433MHz. 3 months Premium Access included!

    990 kr
  • Elderly Care Package


    It goes without saying that we care about the elderly people that are close to us. Surely you want to know if your mother or grandmother didn’t get out of bed all day?! But sometimes the time is not enough to visit on a regular Tuesday after work. With Telldus Elderly Care Package you have everything under control!

    1999 kr
  • Summer House Package


    It is approaching the season when friends and family gather in their summer houses around the country. But what about when you go home and return to everyday life? We at Telldus have created a package for you where we have made all the settings for you. For you it means minimal effort and maximum security!

    1999 kr
  • Smart House Package


    A smart home with features that simplify everyday life is something we think everyone should have! With Telldus Smart House Package you take full control of how you want things to happen in the home.

    2599 kr