3-Pack Round Outlets with Remote Control

299 kr

These smart outlets are not only stylish but also capable of handling larger loads. With these outlets you can control much more than just lamps as they are certified for resistive loads up to 3680W / 16A. So use them everywhere in your smart home! 3-p with remote control.

Product Description

Best seller in new design

Our round outlets have become extremely popular and have been a best seller for several years. Now we have updated the design of the outlet slightly to be even smaller than before, but still with the same functionality and certified for resistive loads up to 3680W / 16A. This allows them to be used for much more than just lamps in your smart home!

New Telldus remote control

In this kit we also introduce a new Telldus remote control. It has distinguishable buttons where you can feel the difference between on and off without having to look at the remote control, as well as a group function to switch off all devices at once.


Range: Up to 30 m
Max load: 3680 W (Resistive load)
Protection Class: IP20
Frequency: 433.92 MHz


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