Elderly Care Package

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It goes without saying that we care about the elderly people that are close to us. Surely you want to know if your mother or grandmother didn’t get out of bed all day?! But sometimes the time is not enough to visit on a regular Tuesday after work. With Telldus Elderly Care Package you have everything under control!

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Product Description

Take care of your elderly!

You will be notified if there are signs that something is not right. You can make sure that a night light comes on when you need to go to the bathroom at night. We feel safe and, above all, you don’t have to worry!

Has there been an accident?

Now you don’t have to worry! Get notifications if there are signs that something is not right. Has the person in question gone out but has not returned home, or not got out of bed in the morning? Feel safe even when you are away!

Light up when needed!

Let your relatives get more convenience by automatically switching lights on when they go up at night, and also by switching lights on according to a set schedule, for example at sunset.

Easy installation

Our step-by-step guide helps you all the way! And if you have any questions we are here to help through our support. We also have tips on installers who do all the work for you. You choose what suits you best!

Included in this package:

  • 1 TellStick ZNet Lite V2
  • 3 Smart outlets with remote control (433 MHz)
  • 3 Motion sensors (433 MHz)
  • 1 Door/window sensor (Z-Wave)
  • 1 Range extender (Z-Wave)
  • 9 months Premium Access including 12 SMS credits