The best support
Honestly, without doubt you must be Swedens best support. To ignore a small customer would be so easy. But your way of seeing me as an important user makes a great impression.
Works every time
The best product on the market. I am using the medium start-up kit to my summer house. Works like a charm!
Incredibly flexible
I just love the endless possibilities that this system offer. And on of the most amazing things is that you are not just tied to Telldus, but you can seamlessly mix products from other brands as well.
Everything works perfect
First, I really want to say thanks for an amazing product, TellStick Net. I have a Live Pro account and use several TellSticks in different places. Everything works just perfect!
Safe and secure
Telldus really helps me to feel calm when I know that my old father is up every day. When he turn on the kitchen lamp, then I know that everything is as it should be. Neither him nor me have to think about it.
Good purchase
An easy-installed system with nifty features! The TellStick didn’t work once, but the awesome support helped me and a replacement was sent to me in no time. I am very happy with my purchase.
This is a very good system for what it cost. Really valuable!
Great stuff
We have had an enormous benefit from our Telldus System. Great stuff to a reasonable price.
Amazingly simple
I have noted that Telldus has a good and easy to use system from day one. For the moment I have at least 10 devices and a number of sensors. It is amazingly simple and user friendly.
Seems promising
I have just installed my Control start-up kit. It really seems promising.
The best support
The stuff arrived yesterday and works so good. I really have to say that you have the best support and that you are very keen on your users. Kudos!