Here you can download user guides for older products. If you are looking for user guides for current products, you can find them in our web shop under each product. If you have a support question relating to Telldus products, the easiest way to get help is through our support site.

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Manuals to discontinued products
TSP100/TSP110 Start-up Kit
TSP200 Remote Controlled Outlets with Remote Control
TSP800 Outdoor Outlet with Remote Control
TSR100 Remote Controlled Outlet On/Off
TSR101 Remote Controlled Outlet Dimmer
TSR102 Remote Controlled Outlet for Outdoor Use
TSR200 Recessed Receiver On/Off
TSR201 Recessed Receiver Dimmer
TSS200 Magnetic Sensor
TSS320 Thermo/Hygro Sensor
TST100 Digital Remote Control
TST102 Wallmounted Remote Control

Download TelldusCenter software
Only used to control TellStick Classic and TellStick Duo.

downloadWindows downloadMac downloadLinux

Operative requirements
TelldusCenter operates on the following operatives:
• Windows 8
• Mac OSX 10.10
• Ubuntu 14.04
• Debian 7

Since this is used to control discontinued products, there are no development of new functions in TelldusCenter.

We have collected all our guides in our user interface Telldus Live!. Here you will find guides to the most common functions that you can use in your Smart Home.
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