Application for Retailers

We think it is great that you would like to become a retailer of ours! Just fill out the form below, then we will reply to you with more information. Star-marked fields are mandatory to fill out.

Before Proceeding to send application for becoming a retailer/re-seller for Telldus, please read the below information:

  • Parties who intend to become resellers for Telldus will be asked to sign an NDA. Retailer information is regarded as a Business to Business information and requires a Non-disclosure Agreement to be in place.
  • In addition, you will be asked to provide information on your Company and type of Business to be able to assess your affiliation to Smart Automation Products and Services.
  • As a retailer and for order execution and delivery, we also require to perform a credit check on your company. You will also be asked to give your consent.
  • Please also note that request to order quantities of less than 20 per product, will result in automatic rejection; as below this limit, applications will not be regarded as a Retailer Business.

Delivery address is the same as invoicing address