Z-Wave Range Extender

399 kr

Z-Wave Range Extender with On/Off outlet and timer function. Extend the signal in your Z-Wave network to reach devices that are far away from your gateway. Also works as a smart outlet that can be controlled on and off and has a timer function for automatic switch-off.

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Product Description

Z-Wave Range Extender with On/Off outlet

One of the major advantages of Z-Wave is that the range can be extended in cases where there is too much distance between a device and the gateway. With this range extender located between the device and the gateway, the signal can be extended to reach its target. The Z-Wave devices automatically find the best path for the signal. All you need to do is include the range extender just like any other device and place it in a strategic location so that the signal can be extended optimally. In addition to range extension, this device also functions as an On/Off outlet with timer function.

Function: On/Off
Range: Up to 30 meter
Frequency: 868.42MHz (EU)
Z-Wave-chip: 500 Plus
Power supply: 230V~ 50Hz
Max load: 2300W / 10A (resistive load)

Using this product with Telldus Live! requires that you have a TellStick with Z-Wave support (ZNet Lite V1/V2) connected to your router.


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